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May 22, 2004



To Whom It Concerns:


This is to testify to the fact that Hydro Milling Group (HMG), led by principle Mr. Milo Leach, provided outstanding response, service and support to owner Florida Power & Light on our 750 MW, 3 on 1, combined-cycle, MH750 merchant power project in Marcus Hook, DE.


It was Milo and his company of professionals- right down to the field supervision and equipment operators and technicians, that saved us over two weeks of series loaded schedule activities, most of it through the Easter period.  This support was particularly cost effective, especially in light of the premium time the unplanned events occurred in, and their large resource base ensured sufficient equipment was mobilized quickly to site. This was a time when no other companies could or would respond to our needs.


Subsequent planned service site visits yielded hydro-lazing results that more than satisfied our strict cleanliness criteria here at the Marcus Hook project.


Milo and crew’s professional demeanor and good management, organizational, technical and communications skills helped us complete critical path systems in time to meet the master project schedule milestones, without exception.


HMG epitomize the team player and provide “out of the box” options and technology to effect positive problem resolution.  Proactive planning with the project group and their willingness to come to work each day to find ways to help us achieve the recovery success we have accomplished on this particularly challenging project are some of the reasons we are seeking to work with HMG again on our upcoming energy projects.






Richmond Brain

Acting Director/Construction Manager

Florida Power & Light Energy (FPLE)

Marcus Hook MH750 Project