"Thank you and your entire staff for the outstanding job performed on our units... the quality of your work was equaled by the pride and professionalism of your entire staff and directly contributed to the success of our 'Initial Phase' of the lube oil flush on our... steam turbine. This feat was accomplished in 10 days of flushing, compared to the previous mark set... of approximately 2 months.

"We look forward to the opportunity to do business with Hydro-Milling again."  

- Roy N. Powell

Startup Commission Group

Washington Group, International, Inc.




All Hydro-Milling Group rigs come fully equipped to handle every anticipated need.

Hydro-Milling Group rigs arrive on site complete with a mobile control room/office at no charge to the client. 

HMG uses the latest technology available to thoroughly remove all mill scale and debris from the various steam system piping at your site location.  This is accomplished with the Kamat 350 KW High-Pressure Pump and Hurricane Rotating System detailed below.

This mobile office/command center helps us direct operations for our clients, saving them time and money.

Kamat 350 KW High-Pressure Pump

The Kamat High-Pressure Pump and Engine

Powered by a 510 HP continuous duty diesel engine

Capable of pressures up to 21,500 PSI

Water volume rates to 66 GPM

Enclosed within an industrial, sound insulated steel container

Advanced water flow control panel

Hurricane Rotating System

Precise control of rotation of cleaning nozzle within pipe

Precise advancement of cleaning process through pipe

Vertical travel of cleaning process to 350 feet from entry point

Horizontal travel of cleaning process to 1250 feet from entry point

Cleaning nozzle has the ability to traverse multiple 90-degree elbows and multiple changes of direction

Working Together...

The tremendous power of the Kamat High-Pressure Pump is coupled with the Hurricane Rotating System, the latest state-of-the-art pipe cleaning system that has been designed to provide superior pipe cleaning under any conditions. Together, these two systems bring about great results in the most expedient and safest manner possible (see samples at right).

Mill Scale Pipe Before Treatment - rust and mill scale

After Treatment - ready for steam or air blow

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