"We would like to express our appreciation and thank the Hydro-Milling Group for a job well done.

"HMG (cleaned) the Turbine Steam piping in 8 and 9 power blocks. As a result of HMG’s unique cleaning methods, we were able to greatly reduce our Air and Steam Blow durations to achieve the desired piping cleanliness. Thanks for your cooperation and timely efforts towards the overall completion of the ... project."

- Washington Group International for the Raytheon Company



High-Pressure Cleaning

How it All Works...


What the Hydro-Milling Cleaning System Can Do for Your Business

The cleaning of steel, plastic, graphite or concrete pipes is done with precisely controlled rotation of the cleaning nozzle, which in turn is advanced at a predetermined speed by the Hurricane Rotating system, providing a thorough and even cleaning of the entire interior surface of the pipe. Incrustations of all kinds - including tough, viscous, brittle or extremely hard deposits - are easily removed (stripe free) from the pipe wall, even from pipes that are totally blocked. 

This proprietary pipe cleaning system is capable of handling changes of direction, including multiple 90-degree turns (see picture at right), and pipe offsets to distances of 350 feet vertically or 1,250 feet horizontally (or any combination) from the point of entry with precise tracking capabilities.


Before and after cleaning

Before and after cleaning

System can change directions in multiple 90-degree turns

All debris and mill scale removed from the pipe surface is transported out of the pipe when the high-pressure nozzle is retracted.  This is accomplished via a pusher/flusher orifice built into the cleaning nozzle, utilizing a typical working pressure of 12,000 PSI for mill scale removal and an average water flow of 40 GPM.  All resulting debris and mill scale may be contained and/or collected for proper disposal.

In addition, water consumption can be greatly reduced via use of a specially designed re-circulation system for all water not being consumed by the high-pressure nozzle.  This excess water is re-circulated to an onboard suction stabilizer tank rather than being discharged to ground.  This "zero discharge" feature allows Hydro-Milling to provide reduced water consumption as well as associated treatment disposal costs to its customers on many sites.

HMG’s hydro milling process is very safe and effective.  Even if a hose or nozzle were to burst during the hydro milling operation, it would present no hazard to either personnel or pipeline. The high-pressure hose cannot be pushed out of the pipe being cleaned once it is secured within the patented hose feeder system, as this protective mechanism securely contains all hose movement at the point of entry.

HMG’s cleaning methods have been proven to reduce steam and air blow durations by 60-70% for customers who have utilized our services for pipe preparation prior to steam blow.  To take full advantage of our cleaning process, we recommend hydro milling/lazing immediately after hydro testing and prior to any proposed steam blows*.  This combination will provide the largest return for the client in both time and money.

*Even though HMG’s cleaning process is very thorough, it cannot eliminate steam blows from the pipe preparation process.

Photos provided courtesy of Veltrup, Inc.

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