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About Us
Hydro-Milling Group, Inc.

As the demand for new power sources increases over the next 20 years, developers of energy technologies are faced with the need to streamline their operations in order to bring new power plants and other energy technologies online at a faster rate. While there are various methods for preparing high pressure steam lines for operation, the advanced methodology used by Hydro-Milling Group has proven that professional high-pressure hydro-milling can reduce steam and air blow duration’s 60-70%. This results in significant financial savings for both large and small installations.

At HMG, we believe that providing premium pipeline cleaning and emergency response team service is more than a mission statement. Our experience includes the first ever “zero ping” on a steam pipeline. While we can’t guarantee “zero ping” results on every job, HMG will guarantee that we will focus on achieving results that matter: fast customer response, 100% debris- free pipelines, and providing our customers with what they want – quicker turnover of pipelines that are clean and ready for steam or air blow. Steam and air blow duration’s are reduced by 60-70%, and Hydro-Milling Group’s highly effective process saves on time, fuel, and costs.

We use only the best high-pressure pumps, nozzles and other components for equipping our systems, and our crews operate with only one goal in mind – 100% customer satisfaction. In addition, we provide 48-hour response for full onsite startup of pipeline processing. At HMG, our mission is simple: provide services that exceed the expectations of our markets and – more importantly – our customers.