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Municipal Water/Wastewater Applications
Municipal Water and Wastewater

Involved Systems:

  • Water and wastewater treatment systems, force mains, water distribution piping, pump and lift stations

Maintenance Services:

  • Reduce scale loading in water systems
  • Grease removal
  • Routine flushing of water distribution networks
  • Routine flushing of force mains

Our Available Services

Tap Flush

A highly-turbulent mixture of air and water propelled through a pipe system at high velocity using only clean, compressed air as the driving force, and capable of removing construction debris and corrosion products from the system that would otherwise foul sensitive system components such as control valve trims, check valves, strainers, instrumentation, and heat exchange surfaces during plant startup and in normal operation.

Chemical Clean

A controlled application of chemically treated water to plant piping and equipment through a circular flow path that allows gradual heating of the fluid and continuous contact of chemicals with system internal metal surfaces to bind corrosion products, mill scales, and other deposits and transport them out of the system.


A controlled application of specific chemical formulations to the internal metal surfaces of plant piping and equipment designed to dissolve alkaline deposits that have formed as a result of contact with hot process water and to transport them out of the plant system.